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Landscape Design

The garden is an expression of each individual’s style, creativity and imagination.  At ATD Landscaping, our goal is to create a gorgeous outdoor environment that meets your needs and is in synchronization with its surroundings.

To do that, we closely examine the site and listen carefully to your wants and needs.  Next, we add our creativity and horticultural expertise.  The result is a customized plan designed to reflect your lifestyle and fit your budget.

Design Installation:

Whether you are thinking of hiring a professional to install an entire landscape or a perennial garden, the key is planning.  Whatever your desire, ATD Landscaping can design and install your landscape and take care of everything from start to finish.  You will work with an experienced designer who will plan your landscape and direct its installation.  Your project can be designed and installed in phases or all at once, depending upon your preference.

Design Fees:

There is a minimum fee of $95-$150 for a designer to come out and meet you at your home.  The fee will be for an initial consultation to discuss your landscaping goals and provide you with conceptual ideas for one main area of the landscape (such as the front foundation of the home).  Fees for specific design work, if requested, will be quoted at the time of the visit based on the site analysis and the area(s) that you are interested in having professionally landscaped.

Important questions to keep in mind when planning a landscape design:

  • Does the yard have any drainage problems?
  • Do you have deer in the area that may eat plants?
  • Have you set aside a budget for landscaping?
  • Will you want to install the landscape in sections?
  • What specific use will the various areas have?
  • Are you looking to create a secluded area with privacy?
  • How much time do you spend in the yard?
  • What is your favorite season for enjoying your yard?
  • Will landscape lighting be needed?
  • Are you thinking of installing an irrigation system?
  • Which spots in the yard do you see yourself spending time in?  Why do you like these areas?
  • What are your favorite plants-evergreens, perennials and what colors do you like best for flowers?
  • Will the landscape require any walkways or patios? Do you prefer natural stone?
  • Will you be maintaining landscape or will you hire a company?