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On Site Estimates


If you simply need an estimate for specific landscape work to be performed, with no drawing, we provide the estimate at no charge. So if you need an estimate for, mulching, planting of annuals, tree and shrub trimming, or any other service, we can conduct a brief site visit and provide you with a Free Estimate.

Grass Cutting


Offered on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Proper mowing is critical for keeping your lawn healthy and looking good. It is important to cut your lawn on a regular basis at a height of 3”. This will promote deeper roots, prevent water loss and reduce weeds by preventing weed seeds from germinating. Do not cut the lawn less often at a shorter length—only one-third of the total grass blade should be removed in one mowing. Mowing too short removes the green part of the plant, gives a brown scalped look and weakens the grass. ATD Landscaping keeps the mower blades sharp to prevent ripping and shredding the grass tips. Remember the healthiest, greenest looking lawn is the lawn with the regular irrigation, fertilization and mowing. With regular grass cutting ATD Landscaping includes trimming of grass edge, and blowing grass off of driveway, walkway and patio areas.



Do you look at your neighbor’s yard and think “The Grass is Always Green On The Other Side”. If so call ATD Landscaping about our fertilizing service. Feeding your lawn is very important to ensure a healthy green lawn. Before beginning a lawn fertilization program, a soil test should be done to determine the fertility of your lawn soil. The results will indicate the amounts of nutrients your soil can provide to the turf grass. The test will also indicate the acidity (pH) of your soil and whether lime is needed. ATD Landscaping provides a 5 step fertilizing program starting in Mid to Late March through October. Keep in mind that any new fertilizing and feeding regiment will take at least 18-24 months to make your lawn healthier. Turf that has not been properly nourished for years can’t be fixed in 1-2 applications. Call us for a soil analysis and personal fertilizing regiment to ensure a lush, thick green lawn with few weeds.

Hand Weeding


This is a very popular service!—we all know that no matter how terrific a garden is —the weeds will find a way into your mulch borders. ATD Landscaping offers a regular hand weeding service to help control the weeds. Our weeding service is performed every 4-6 weeks. This service will not get rid if weeds forever, but keeping up with them before they go to seed will help prevent many more from sprouting up.



Our mulching program is unsurpassed!: with the seasonal cleaning and re-edging of all borders the mulch is applied to the proper thickness. Your landscaping will have a neat, crisp and defined look. ATD Landscaping offers a wide variety of mulch types to compliment your landscaping needs. Ask to see the samples!!



Have you ever noticed a landscape with sharp defined borders? These borders are regularly edged. Combined with our seasonal clean up and mulching this will give your borders a magnificent look.

Seasonal Yard Clean Up


Spring Clean Up: The spring clean up consists of a thorough hand weeding, trimming of shrubs, re-edging of borders. In addition, any sticks and debris that may have blown into the mulch borders are cleaned up at this time.

Fall Clean Up: The fall clean up consists of – cutting back any perennials, perennial grasses, trimming shrubs, border cut back spent perennial, performing any necessary trimming, re-edging borders, hand weeding, removing dead annuals at time of clean up, placing debris in recycle bags for county pick up.

Leaf Clean Up: The leaf clean up is usually done in late November to early December. We offer several options for leaf removal. Call us for a personal leaf removal quote and the best disposal option for you.



ATD Landscaping offers a full service planting service! We will start by meeting with you and discussing the various locations that need planting. We offer only the best quality plants—if necessary we may suggest bringing in enriched soil.

Shrub and Tree Trimming:


Although the basic shrub and tree trimming is done as part of the seasonal yard clean up—some trimming may be needed in the interim. We can provide a trimming service as needed—2-3 times per season.



After a while, certain varieties of grass tend to build up thatch faster than they can decompose it. This layer of thatch, or dead grass, creates a layer under the turf that makes it hard for water, fertilizer, or beneficial microorganisms to get to the root systems of the grass. To penetrate this layer of thatch and restore health to your lawn we will Aerate the lawn.

Even if your variety of grass isn’t prone to thatch buildup, there is always a concern with compaction. Turf becomes compacted after a lot of regular use. Compaction leads to denser soil and also makes it hard for nutrients and water to penetrate. This is the other main benefit of Core Aeration.

Core Aeration is when we use a big rolling power tool to create perforations, or holes, in the lawn. The cores, or plugs, are redeposited onto the top of the lawn and work as a beneficial top dressing. This is the preferred method because there is less risk for damage to the lawn and the lawn can recover faster than it does with dethatching.

Typically, we do not recommend dethatching unless you have a variety of grass that is prone to creating large amounts of thatch. Instead, we recommend aerating.

It is recommend that aerating be performed twice per year for optimal results. If this isn’t affordable, we recommend doing it at least once per year.

The best time to aerate lawns is in the fall time. It can be done in the summer but the lawn must have ample irrigation in order to recover properly. Spring is the second best choice to aerate.

If you’d like to schedule an aerating job or even an estimate to see exactly how much it would cost for your lawn, Just contact us.